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Admission to the University of Kentucky


Undergraduate, Transfer and International Students

To apply to the University of Kentucky, visit UK Undergraduate Admission and complete an online application.

Graduate Students

To apply to the University of Kentucky, visit The Graduate School and complete an online application, following our application instructions for Master of Science in Nutrition and Food Systems.

Undergraduate Admission

Entrance Requirements

Students who are pre-human nutrition or pre-dietetics majors can apply for major status when they have completed the following DHN pre-major courses with a GPA of 2.8 or higher and a 2.4 cumulative GPA.

  • BIO 148 Intro to Biology I
  • CHE 105 General Chemistry I
  • CHE 107 General Chemistry II
  • CHE 111 General Chemistry Lab I
  • CHE 113 General Chemistry Lab II
  • DHN 212 Intro to Nutrition
  • DHN 241 Food Service Sanitation

Application Process

Complete the Application for Upper Level Admission and submit to Aaron Schwartz, DHN Director of Undergraduate Studies.

Exploratory Courses

  • DHN 101 Human Nutrition and Wellness
  • DHN 212 Introductory Nutrition (section for non-majors)

Graduate Admission


Students must have a relevant undergraduate degree from an accredited institution, submit three letters of recommendation and a written essay. To apply, follow the application instructions for Master of Science in Nutrition and Food Systems and submit by the fall deadline of April 10.

Please read the instructions for applying to the MS in Nutrition and Food Systems in the Department of Dietetics and Human Nutrition. You will be required to pay an application fee to the University of Kentucky Graduate school. Currently the fee for domestic applicants is $65.00 per application and for international applicants the fee is $75.00.  You will be asked to submit your transcripts (unofficial can be used for initial review of acceptance), resume, written essay, a technical scientific writing sample (student topic choice), and three letters of recommendation. 



Dietetic Internship Admission


Accelerated Coordinated Program

Students enrolled in the Bachelor of Science in Dietetics program at UK are eligible to apply for admission into the Accelerated Coordinated Program when they reach sophomore status or are transferred into the Dietetics program and determined to be in their second year. In this program, students will earn their B.S. in Dietetics, M.S. in Nutrition and Food Systems, and complete the necessary 1200+ hours of supervised practice required to sit for the RD exam. Learn more about the process, materials and requirements to apply for the Accelerated Coordinated Program

Dietetic Internship

Before applying for our Dietetics Internship, students must complete an accredited Didactic Program in Dietetics. A verification signed by the Program Director is required. Students must also comply with the application and screening procedures for the Dietetic Internship Centralized Application System. The deadline to apply is February 15 at 11:59 pm. Learn more about the process, materials and requirements to apply for the Dietetic Internship



Certificate Admission

Nutrition for Human Performance

Students learn how to strategically fuel the body for optimal performance, recovery, injury prevention and rehabilitation

Apply Here

Applied Nutrition & Culinary Medicine

Discover evidence-based strategies to address your patients' and clients' specific nutrition needs as well as their toughest questions

Apply Here

Food Systems & Hunger Studies

With this graduate certificate designed for all health professionals, students gain knowledge and experience to end domestic and global hunger

Apply Here

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