Graduate Degrees

Graduate Degrees

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MS in Nutrition and Food Systems

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Food systems impact the daily lives of every person on the planet. They determine what food is available, the nutritional quality of that food, food costs, the economic development of a community, and more – today and in the future. The MS in Nutrition and Food Systems is designed to educate graduate students on how food systems impact dietary choices, wellness, and chronic disease prevention and treatment. In addition to core course work, students take a focused program of study based on their interests and professional goals.In-person and fully online options available.

The skills and knowledge gained from this program will prepare you for careers in a variety of settings including healthcare, private practice, community organizations, education, government, industry, non-profit, and more! You will explore evidence-based strategies to improve the health of individuals and the communities where they live and will gain knowledge and experience to support and grow your career and reach in the field of nutrition.

A Master's in Nutrition and Food Systems provides students with an inspired path forward and the will to be a powerhouse for change in their communities and beyond. We offer three options for earning your graduate degree.

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Please note, a MS in Nutrition and Food Systems alone will not fulfill all of the requirements for becoming a registered dietitian. To learn more about the eligibility requirements to become an RD, please visit the Commission on Dietetic Registration website here or send us an email at

Program Options

Traditional Master's Degree

Earn a Master of Science in Nutrition and Food Systems with our traditional degree program

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100% Online Master's Degree

Earn a Master of Science in Nutrition and Food Systems with our new 100% online degree

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University Scholars Program

Save time and money while earning a dual BS and MS with our University Scholars Program

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Online Graduate Certificate

In collaboration with the College of Medicine and College of Health Sciences, we offer a Graduate Certificate in Applied Nutrition and Culinary Medicine. This 100 percent online, 12-credit program explores nutritional approaches to various disease states and practical culinary strategies to bridge dietary recommendations with application. Elective courses allow students to tailor their graduate certificate to the needs of their practice or discipline, while also presenting the latest research concerning drug and nutrient interactions, approaches to community program development, and the physiologic basis for (or against) various dietary supplements.


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