Undergraduate Certificates

Interested in food systems or human performance? All majors are invited to pursue our two undergraduate certificates.

Food Systems & Hunger Studies

Students gain knowledge and experience to end domestic and global hunger. Graduates of this 12-credit certificate program learn about the impact food systems have on food security, hunger and wellness, and how to apply evidence-based strategies to improve the health of the community.

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Nutrition for Human Performance

Students learn how to strategically fuel the body for optimal performance, recovery, injury prevention and rehabilitation. Graduates of this 14-credit certificate program gain the knowledge to help individuals, from those starting an exercise routine to elite athletes, properly integrate nutrition and exercise.

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Online Graduate Certificate

Calling All Health Professionals

In collaboration with the College of Medicine and College of Health Sciences, we offer a Graduate Certificate in Applied Nutrition and Culinary Medicine. This 100 percent online, 12-credit program explores nutritional approaches to various disease states and practical culinary strategies to bridge dietary recommendations with application. Elective courses allow students to tailor their graduate certificate to the needs of their practice or discipline, while also presenting the latest research concerning drug and nutrient interactions, approaches to community program development, and the physiologic basis for (or against) various dietary supplements. 

Applied Nutrition and Culinary Medicine

Discover evidence-based strategies to address your patients' and clients' specific nutrition needs as well as their toughest questions. Connect with nutrition educators at the University of Kentucky to learn about nutritional approaches and practical culinary strategies to promote health. This graduate certificate is designed for all health professionals.

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Food Systems & Hunger Studies

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