Faculty in our department are dedicated to finding innovative solutions to reduce the risk of obesity and chronic disease in our state and around the world. Through their research, our faculty contribute to evidence-based practices in the profession of dietetics and human nutrition. Browse our faculty publications.

Recently, we have received funding awards through national competitive processes from Robert Wood Johnson Foundation; National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences; National Institute of Food and Agriculture; United States Department of Agriculture; National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute; Cooperative State Research, Education and Extension; American Livestock Breeds Conservancy; and Centers for Disease Control.

We have gained notoriety with programs, such as Food Accessibility; Plate It Up Kentucky Proud; Children, Youth and Families at Risk; Home-based MicroprocessorsSuperfund Community Engagement Core; and Nutrition Outreach and Behavioral Internet Weight Loss.

Showcase of Undergraduate Scholars

During their final year, Human Nutrition undergraduate students design and execute a research project, and present their research at UK’s annual Showcase of Undergraduate Scholars. This culminating event provides an opportunity for students to professionally present their projects to UK faculty, staff, and the general public. Traditionally, the on-campus showcase has over 500 student presenters from across the university. However, due to measures taken around the COVID-19 pandemic, students participated in a virtual showcase, allowing them to present their project and participate in an interactive Q&A session. This unique opportunity created a virtual platform for sharing and celebrating the work of our undergraduate students. Congratulations to the Class of 2020 for their research accomplishments!

Undergraduate Research

Undergraduate students have opportunities to gain research experience to prepare them for graduate and professional schools. They learn about the full process of research through a class project where they select their own research topic, develop a grant and appropriate study tools, complete the research and data analysis, and prepare a 15-page journal article and professional poster. Additionally, students have opportunities to gain research experience by working with faculty members in state-of-the-art food and nutrition assessment labs and in the community.