BS in Human Nutrition

Advanced Education in Health Professions

A bachelor of science in human nutrition provides students with foundational knowledge of how diet and physical activity play a role in preventing and treating chronic disease and improving overall health and wellness. Many students use their degree to prepare for further advanced study in health-related fields, such as dentistry, medicine, nutrition research, occupational therapy, optometry, osteopathic medicine, pharmacy, physician assistant studies, physical therapy or public health.

Exploratory Courses

DHN 101: Human Nutrition and Wellness
DHN 212 Introductory Nutrition (section for non-majors)

Experiential Learning Opportunities

Students have the opportunity to work with faculty on research projects, gain real-world experience with clinical job shadowing and collaborate with fellow students. Explore a suggested four-year plan to earn a Bachelor of Science in Human Nutrition.

Career and Pre-Professional Advising

The College of Agriculture, Food and Environment offers specialized advising services for students planning to attend professional school (Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Law, etc.) after graduation. In addition to helping students fulfill foundational coursework, the college's pre-professional advisor also helps student secure relevant experience such as internships, volunteer opportunities and job shadowing positions. Learn more about pre-professional advising.

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Academic Coordinator: Anissa Radford