Nutrition for Human Performance Certificate

Dietetics and Human Nutrition, in collaboration with Human Health Sciences, Kinesiology and Health Promotion offers an undergraduate Certificate in Nutrition for Human Performance. Courses focus on the integration of nutrition and exercise to properly support physical activity, fitness, and athletic performance at all levels, from those just starting an exercise program, to elite athletes, and those recovering from injury. This certificate also provides students with cross-disciplinary knowledge of the relationship between exercise physiology, nutrition and overall wellness.

Students have a unique opportunity to expand their knowledge in an area not traditionally or fully addressed in each individual degree program. This certificate provides specialized learning, making graduates more competitive at securing a supervised practice internship and employment as a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist. Apply online.

Eligibility and Admission

In addition to available classroom seating, the admissions criteria for the certificate includes:

  • 3.0 cumulative GPA
  • Completion of a 100 or 200 level basic nutrition course (DHN 101 or DHN 212)
  • Completion of a 200-level physiology course (e.g. PGY 206)
  • Undergraduate classification as a Junior or Senior or post-baccalaureate status

Before beginning, all students accepted into the certificate program will be required to provide evidence of all admissions criteria to a Certificate Director. Complete the online application.


Students must complete 14 credit hours for the certificate, and earn a "C" or better in all required courses. Courses can be adapted to accommodate students enrolled in The Honors Program as requested.

Required Courses

  •  DHN 315: Nutrition Issues in Physical Activity (3 credit hours)
  •  KHP 420G: Physiology of Exercise (3 credit hours)
  •  HHS 400G: Nutrition for Physical Activity, Injury Prevention, and Rehabilitation (2 credit hours)

Student Selected Courses

Students can select one course from the first list below.

  • HHS 402G: Muscle Biology
  • 3 credit hour course approved by DHN Certificate Director

Students can choose one of the following experiential learning courses or complete this requirement under the direction of a different mentor as long as they demonstrate justification for Nutrition for Human Performance.

  • HHS 395: Independent Study in HHS (3 credit hours)
  • DHN 591: Special Topics in DHN (3 credit hours)
  • KHP 395: Independent Study in KHP (3credit hours)

Contact Us

Director of Undergraduate Studies & Certificate Director: Dr. Liz Combs
Academic Coordinator: Anissa Radford