People come to UK from many different places, for many different reasons. Even with diverse perspectives, one thing unites us:

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Rachel Harp

The unlimited possibilities we find here.

Rachel Harp came to UK with a desire work in a health care profession and an interest in learning about nutrition for both her professional and personal life. She earned a bachelor’s in Human Nutrition, where she took classes that explored food insecurity, food systems and healthcare ethics. 

“Through my courses and experiences, I discovered I can create more of an impact on health care through law and policy than as an individual health care provider,” she said.

Since graduating, Rachel began studying law at the University of Cincinnati, and she hopes to work in public interest one day, influencing community health, nutrition and food security.

“Through my experiences in Dietetics and Human Nutrition, I have developed a passion for people and public health that has driven my graduate work and fueled excitement for my future career,” she said. “Course work on case studies and research assignments taught me critical thinking skills that helped prepared me for law school.” 

Once Rachel made the decision to attend law school, she found support with department faculty who helped her explore the limitless possibilities for her career path.

“My instructors allowed me to tailor assignments and presentations to policy and law, connected me with professionals who could answer specific health law questions and provided one-on-one guidance,” she said. “The department faculty are passionate and caring about all students, which is evident in everything they do.”

When your goals are wildly ambitious, in a community that’s wildly strong, and with a commitment that’s wildly powerful, you’ll see what’s wildly possible.

Unlimited Possibilities

Rachel found herself in a place where everything is possible and nothing is out of reach. In addition to earning a bachelor’s degree, she had the opportunity to study abroad in Italy and gain experiences researching, volunteering and teaching.

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