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Nutrition and Food Systems

Graduate students will learn how food systems impact diet and wellness, while discovering evidence-based strategies to improve the health of individuals and communities. In addition to core coursework, students plan a focused program of study to design, implement, analyze and complete their research. Learn more by downloading our Graduate Program Handbook.

Possible Careers

Our program prepares students for careers in community, education, government, industry, non-profit, health care or private practice settings.

Course Work

Students complete 24 credit hours of course work and 5 hours of thesis research. Core coursework covers contemporary nutrition topics, such as research methods and health behavior theories, community programming and intervention development, food systems, chronic disease management and process related to lifestyle behaviors, statistics, and a nutrition and food systems seminar. Explore required coursework, suggested electives and example four-semester plans.

Graduate Research

Our program goal is to provide students with expertise in nutrition and food systems, applying practical and critical thinking skills to address nutrition-related problems in an evolving global society. See how graduates have met this goal with theses through our program.

Thesis Checklist & Defense

Graduate students determine their research interest by conducting a literature search and discussing with faculty. Next, they follow our thesis checklist to form their committee and prepare to defend their thesis. To schedule your defense date, use our thesis reporting form.


Teaching Assistantships, Graduate Assistantships, and Research Assistantships are available for qualified students on a competitive basis. Assistantships include a stipend, out-of-state tuition scholarship and a rebate for in-state tuition. Applicants must apply to the graduate program by April 1 to be considered for an assistantship.

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Director of Graduate Studies: Dr. Dawn Brewer