People come to UK from many different places, for many different reasons. Even with diverse perspectives, one thing unites us:

, Dietetics student reflecting on what is wildly possible

Leah Hollander

The unlimited possibilities we find here.

When Leah Hollander came to UK, she had a love for nutrition and wanted to learn more about how it affects your body. With a desire to one day educate patients on nutrition in a health care setting, she selected Dietetics as her major. 

“The Dietetics program at UK has given me a great depth of knowledge on nutrition and how to communicate information to patients in both clinical and outpatient settings,” she said. “Experiential learning opportunities like patient simulations and job shadowing a physician assistant, who is also a faculty member, have prepared me for future patient interactions.”

After graduating with a bachelor’s degree in Dietetics, Leah is pursing her dream of incorporating nutrition with patient visits as a practicing health practitioner by starting Physician Assistant school at UK this spring.

“Having a personal relationship with Dietetics and Human Nutrition faculty has allowed me to become more confident in myself and my abilities as a student,” she said. “Many of my professors have mentored me and helped me succeed.”

When your goals are wildly ambitious, in a community that’s wildly strong, and with a commitment that’s wildly powerful, you’ll see what’s wildly possible.

Unlimited Possibilities

Leah found herself in a place where everything is possible and nothing is out of reach. When asked what tip she would pass on to future Wildcats, she said, “My biggest piece of advice is to reach out to your professors and get to know them, because that has truly made my experience as a UK student worthwhile.”

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