People come to UK from many different places, for many different reasons. Even with diverse perspectives, one thing unites us:

Photo of  looking out at future possibilities, wearing her white UK College of Medicine lab coat

Kara Coldiron

The unlimited possibilities we find here.

Kara Coldiron, came here from Greenup, Kentucky. She has discovered unlimited possibilities at UK by earning both a bachelor’s degree in Human Nutrition and master's degree in Nutrition and Food Systems and being accepted into medical school.

As a long-time distance runner, Kara wanted to learn more about how food impacts performance. This passion led her to pursue two degrees in Dietetics and Human Nutrition in the College of Agriculture, Food and Environment.

Kara plans to use her nutrition background to help patients live healthier lives after completing medical school at UK.

“Nutrition is often a topic that is passed over in patient-provider interactions in exchange for quickly turning to medications,” she said. “I plan to provide nutrition knowledge to my future patients, because it is integral to getting to the source of the problem and mitigating many chronic diseases.”

While exploring future possibilities of working in pediatric medicine, Kara reflects on the support and community she has experienced over the past five years at UK.

“The Dietetics and Human Nutrition faculty have a passion for nutrition and well-being that is infectious and they go above and beyond to promote success,” she said. “They have become like a second family to me, and I am forever grateful for the time, effort and resources they have invested in me and my future.”

When your goals are wildly ambitious, in a community that’s wildly strong, and with a commitment that’s wildly powerful, you’ll see what’s wildly possible.

Unlimited Possibilities

Kara found herself in a place where everything is possible and nothing is out of reach. In addition to earning two degrees, she has also:

  • Received funding for research through the John I. and Patricia J. Buster Fellowship
  • Presented research at the Society for Nutrition Education and Behavior conference
  • Submitted an article as a first author in The Journal of Childhood Obesity
  • Studied abroad in Melbourne, Australia, learning about the cultural relevance of nutrition

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