People come to UK from many different places, for many different reasons. Even with diverse perspectives, one thing unites us:

, Human Nutrition student, reflecting on her future possibilities

Grace Anderson

The unlimited possibilities we find here.

When Grace Anderson came to UK from South Carolina, the Human Nutrition major knew she wanted to work in a health-related field and had a love for both food and science. 

“Dietetics and Human Nutrition has been a great fit," she said. "The classes and volunteer work that I've participated in have shown me that there is so much more to health than what happens in a hospital or clinic."

Grace has had the opportunity to work on a rural obesity research study in Martin County with Dietetics and Human Nutrition faculty, gaining practical skills in data collection and entry.

“This has been my favorite experience in the department. The most impactful part of my involvement came from traveling to the county and meeting with community members,” she said. “These experiences really opened my eyes to the idea of a career in public health research.”

Grace is pursuing her goal of working in research in the public health or noprofit sector by studying health policy and delving into a master’s degree in Public Health after she graduates.

Collaborating with faculty in Dietetics and Human Nutrition has helped Grace explore her career options and discover limitless possibilities.

“The department faculty are some of the most amazing people I have met,” she said. “Each one is incredibly accomplished and deeply invested in the success of their students. They have made me feel welcome at UK by providing a supportive and friendly environment.”

When your goals are wildly ambitious, in a community that’s wildly strong, and with a commitment that’s wildly powerful, you’ll see what’s wildly possible.

Unlimited Possibilities

Grace found herself in a place where everything is possible and nothing is out of reach. In addition to pursuing a bachelor’s degree, she is also working on a certificate in Food Systems and Hunger Studies.

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